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Our founding team met at Fargo Startup Weekend 2018--and we won!


Wednesday, January 09, 2019 Nicole Mattson business , team No comments
We had a great meeting this week to create a roadmap for the year ahead. We outlined some ambitious goals and made a plan to achieve them. We also talked about how we will expand the team when the work grows beyond our capacity to manage it all, and how we will know what kind of people will be right for our team. As part of that conversation, we defined our core values.As a company and as individuals, we value:Autonomy and accountabilityEfficiencyGrowthService and impactAutonomy and accountabilityWe each understand what our role is and what our responsibilities are. We are accountable for getting the job done with direction from our supervisors, but without hand-holding and micro-managing. We are self-starters and go-getters.EfficiencyWe find ways to maximize the value of our time and effort so we can achieve more. We help our customers do the same.GrowthWe value teaching and learning. We are lifelong learners who know we all have something to teach each other, as well as room to grow.Service and impactWe care about serving our customers, our community, and each other. We are driven by the desire to make a positive impact wherever we can.
Thursday, October 04, 2018 Nicole Mattson Uncategorized No comments
We are finalists in the fifth annual ‘Spark Your Startup’ Barnesville Business Pitch Contest. We’ll pitch our first product, MICA, next Wednesday evening at Stoneridge Software headquarters in Barnesville. We’ll be competing for a cash prize of up to $1,500, as well as business mentoring.We’d love your support as we try to win the People’s Choice award. Please go here to vote for Rising Tide Software: Incident Command Assist, or MICA, is a software application that helps law enforcement agencies work more efficiently and effectively during major incidents like child abductions and shootings.MICA gives responders the tools they need for emergency workflow management, communication between field officers and the incident command center, and officer location tracking. MICA will help law enforcement agencies save more lives. In addition, major incident response is expensive, so every hour that MICA saves during an incident also means considerable cost savings for the community.
Thursday, August 09, 2018 Nicole Mattson team No comments
We got the team together yesterday to start working on the MVP (minimum viable product) of our software application. We wrote more than 100 Aglie user stories, which our tech team will turn into code in the coming weeks. We have also been working closely with the West Fargo Police Department to make sure our software meets their needs during major incidents. Visiting the West Fargo PD during a training exerciseWe have a busy few months ahead of us, and we’re ready to get to work. Stay tuned for announcements on a new product name, a V1 release date, and more.